Crystal Beads Curtains

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Descriptions: crystal beaded door curtains
Crystal beaded door curtains looks like a number of diamonds or jewelry string. Under the light, it is shining brightly, let your home become a luxurious palace.


However, Crystal beads is made by Glass or Acrylic. So some peoples also call it diamonds or jewelry beaded hanging curtains.

Now please see some typical crystal beaded door curtains:
1) Item number 1314

crystal 001_副本(001).jpg

2) Item number 1315

crystal 002_副本(001).jpg

3) Item number 1316

crystal 003_副本(001).jpg


4) Item number 1317

crystal 004_副本(001).jpg

5) Item number 1318

crystal 005_副本(001).jpg

Now we have 18 kinds of ready-made style beads for your selection:


If you need to order a crystal beaded door curtains, just tell us:
1, what item number of beads?
2, length of each string?
3, distance between every 2 strings?
4, total size of your curtains, width X drop?
5, what kind of track? (see another homepage)

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