Plastic Beads Curtains

Plastic Beads Curtains
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Descriptions: plastic beaded door curtains
Plastic beaded door curtains is widely used in home decoration for many years. It is with many color, many types.

1) YJ-061~YJ068

beads curtains 068(001).jpg

2) YJ-069~YJ-076

beads curtains 076(001).jpg

3) YJ-077 ~ YJ-082

beads curtains 082(001).jpg

4) YJ106- YJ122


5) YJ123-YJ137


6) YJ138-YJ152


And i would like to introduce a special sheet curtains, which made by painted sheet, such as triangle film sheet, round sheet etc.

round sheet 02(001).jpg

There is a kind of triangle golden film sheet, which is popular in America:

beaded-curtain-trilogy-geometric-pvc-matte-gold-8-long-14 (1)(001).jpg

Our Matte Soft Gold "Trilogy" Beaded Curtain reflects light beautifully with its soft matte metallic triangle shaped beads. Only the slightest breeze in the room will cause this stunning curtain to sway and give off beautiful reflections and appear as moving architecture. The triangles are made using PVC sheet material which is die-cut into triangles. The PVC is thin and extremely lightweight (but durable), making it a great option for venues where hanging weight can be an issue. Each triangle is attached to the next using a silver jump ring. The color of this curtain is a soft gold. The effect is sleek, modern, and glowing. There are 22 strings of “beads” made of 2" triangles. This curtain is 3' 3" wide by 7' 8" long. We also offer this item in Matte Metallic Silver. Also, because these triangles are attached with jump rings, the length of any of these items can be altered very easily either by shortening or lengthening, using strands of beads from this beaded curtain for parts.

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