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Pleated Blinds Installation And Removal Is Simple

Curtain curtain is also called day and night curtain, Pleated Blinds interior decoration simple style curtains, Bai Zhe curtain design, from the day and night different needs of the development of the combination of the type of curtains. During the day, the intense sunlight passes through the screening of the screens. Night, tight shading fabric will block the outdoor light. Widely used in: home, Pleated Blinds schools, hotels, villas, offices, Pleated Blinds office buildings, entertainment and so on.

Up and down the type of folding, drying remote control Bai Zhe curtain, day and night Bai Zhe curtain, skylight Bai Bai curtain, shaped Bai Zhe curtain, round, semi-circular, octagonal, Pleated Blinds trapezoidal, manual dimming, pull rope, painting , Primary colors, dyeing, printing and so on.

Bai Zhe curtain origin: China, Europe, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Pleated Blinds Turkey, Britain, Belgium, the United States and so on.

1) clean and tidy appearance, Pleated Blinds easy installation and removal;

2) lighting comfort, can enter the room more soft light to create a comfortable and clean indoor environment;

3) by the three rails will be two texture to pay attention to the yarn and cloth connected;

4) rope brake lock system, Pleated Blinds smooth operation, through the rope can be free to adjust the indoor light;

5) color, rich patterns, Pleated Blinds easy to coordinate with the home decoration style;

6) can be provided from 10mm to 45mm discount height optional, standard 20mm, the cord by the high temperature, high pressure, anti-static treatment, Pleated Blinds anti-wrinkle deformation, moisture and mildew, easy to contaminated dust, stains easy to clean;

7) two-curtain one, to meet the requirements of the light at different times of the day, Pleated Blinds up and down the opening and closing of the Bai Bai curtain in the lighting and ventilation while ensuring privacy.

8) can be manufactured day and night curtain, up and down opening and closing curtains and other special features curtain, folding degree is small, Pleated Blinds does not hinder the field of vision;

9) manual, electric, Pleated Blinds remote control a variety of modes of operation to choose from, easy to operate;

1, take some time to clean up the pulley, and some of the oil.

2, usually do a good job of dust and antifouling, Pleated Blinds keep the curtain surface clean and tidy.

3, whether it is pull beads or rope draw the curtain, put away the curtains when not too fast too fast to avoid unreasonable curtains rolled up; put down when not too fast to avoid the curtains drop too fast pull bad Pole.