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Roller Blinds Mainstream Trends

Fabric curtain For many years has been the main body of decorative window art, the future is still the mainstream trend, but in the fabric and the situation has been updated. Roller Blinds People in the home furnishings began to pursue the feeling of natural simplicity, so there are some such as reed curtains, wood curtains and other materials of the curtain.

Roll curtain The most popular material is made of imported fabrics from Korea, the South Korean fabric of the shutter simple, generous, more color, easy to use; In addition, can be sun-shading, breathable, fire, use a period of time after the cleaning is also more convenient.

The biggest feature of the shutter is simplicity, Roller Blinds there is no gaudy decoration around, the window has a coil box, use the next pull can be.

It is more suitable to install in the study, the room with the computer and the indoor area smaller. Like quiet, concise person, suitable for the use of shutter, Sishi room with shutter shade effect is better.

Roman curtains are more suitable for installation in the luxurious home fabric curtain, it uses a wide range of fabrics, the general texture of the fabric can do Roman curtains. Roller Blinds This kind of curtain decoration effect is very good, gorgeous, beautiful.

Because the cloth in the market is generally 1.4 meters of width, so the installation of the Roman curtains of the window is better than 1.4 meters in the middle, no seams, Roller Blinds buy cloth only a length can be.

Plastic aluminum hundred pages of traditional concepts, the Hundred-page window is only suitable for the office, not suitable for furnishings in the home, many families also began to the shutters love. Venetian Blinds Shade effect is good, breathable strong, but the effect of blocking mosquitoes and flies is not more than fabric curtains.

Therefore, the shutter is more suitable for installation in the home kitchen, can wash off the greasy water. In order to adapt to the needs of home, Roller Blinds the market shutter color more, no longer is all white.

Shutter is a window decoration products, is the curtain cloth processed by resin, rolled into a drum-shaped, using a pull rope or chain to carry out a rise and fall in the way, simple and convenient operation, with a beautiful appearance and concise, making the window frame appears neat, so that the entire room looks spacious and simple.

Can be used for office curtains, Roller Blinds school curtains, hotel curtains, hotel curtains, bathroom bathroom.

When the shutter fabric down, can make the interior light soft, free from direct sunlight, to a very good shading effect, when the volume of the curtain rises, it is very small, so it is not easy to be detected.