Manual Operating System

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Descriptions: Plastic and metal components for SHANGRI LA BLINDS
We provide one-stop shopping for full set of manual control system of Zebra Blinds, Shangrila blinds. most of the components is universal for both of them. now please check the following E-catalogue, if you are interested in some of them, please do not hesitate to contact me.
If you wanna see more style, please view the link of ZEBRA BLINDS COMPONENTS


SW7103 / Big cassette fascia headrail for inserting fabrics slats2(001).jpgthickness 0.95mm, 580cm each pc, 10-20 pcs in one bundle.2.451200m
SW7104/ middle cassette3(001).jpgthickness 0.95mm, 580cm each pc, 10-20 pcs in one bundle.2.351200m
SW7528 / 38mm top tube with double slot for inserting fabrics & pvc tape.4(001).jpgthickness 0.9mm, 580cm each pc, 20 pcs in one bundle.1.351000m
SW7529 / Bottom Crescent-rail5(001).jpgthickness 0.95mm, 580cm each pc, 30-50 pcs in one bundle.1.491000m
SW7107 /end caps for middle cassette headrail6(001).jpg

SW7198/ 38mm end clutches for Shangrila blinds with 7.0X10.3 clear ball chains7(001).jpg
1.061000 sets
SW7532 / metal brackets/ end caps for big valance8(001).jpg
1.251000 sets
SW7538 / END CONTROL UNIT for 38mm top tube & big valance, with 3 meters 4.5*6 ball chains9(001).jpg
SW7533 / end caps for bottom crescent-rail10(001).jpg
0.0332000 pcs
SW7535 / ceiling brackets11(001).jpg
0.0872000 pcs
SW7537 / handle12(001).jpg
0.152000 pcs

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