Magnet Mechanism for Intergrated Blinds

Magnet Mechanism for Intergrated Blinds
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Descriptions: Magnet operating system for Intergrated Venetian blinds
More and more new building adopt new eco-friendly sunshading window covering, among of them, the representative products is SEALED INSULATING DOUBLE GLAZING with aluminum venetian blinds, and it has a new name: Intergrated Venetian blinds. It is made by 2 pieces of toughened glasses, 12.6 or 16mm aluminum mini venetian blinds.

In 2016, we have designed a new kind of magnet control device, which is with one combined handle, and more easy to be operated:

1, one combined handle intergrated blinds



2, peel off the toughened glass, see the aluminum venetian blinds

3, combined handle

combined handle(001).jpg


4, other accessories for intergrated blinds

5, full range of components for interior aluminum venetian blinds


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