Exterior Venetian Blinds

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DESCRIPTIONS: Outdoor Aluminum window louvers External venetian blinds Exterior window covering

Nowadays, there are more and more skyscrapers fixed with Glass-curtain, it looks very nice, but the new problem comes behind, such as: 


- How to prevent typhoon / heavy hurricane?
- How to protect the glass curtain not to be broken?
- How to prevent the glass from dropping down, and could do harmful to the pedestrian on ground?
So, Security is vital for every practitioners!
Now, we provide the solutions for it:
There is 3 options for your reference:

1, Aluminum Shuttle style Horizontal or Vertical Louvers 


We supply various style Exterior Venetian blinds: 


Width of each shuttle slats: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 500mm.

Control device available in Manual system and Motorized system, Customers can choose as requirements.


- most durable
- most safe
- anti-aging
- strongly windproof, can prevent 12 level typhoon

Weak point:
 - the slats of louvers can not be retracted to the both side

2, Aluminum C or Z style Horizontal or Vertical Louvers
- vertical style


- horizontal style


Control device:
Also available in Manual system and Motorized system:


- durable
- anti-aging
- windproof
- can be retracted from one side to another side, can also be retracted from the bottom to top rail.

Weak point:
- high cost
- can not be made for large window
- still need to fix one cassette headrail to hide the aluminum slats if the blinds is retracted to the top.
- still need to fix 2 vertical guiding track at the both side. 

3, Aluminum External Venetian blinds 


4 different aluminum slats: 


How to fix it to prevent wind:
- stainless steel wire
- guide track on both side 


- cheaper
- easy to be cleaned
- can be retracted from the bottom to top.
Weak point:
- can not be made to Vertical style.
- windproof is not so strongly
- Steel wire could do harmful to kids if fixing on ground

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