Headrail And Bottom Rail

Product Details

Descriptions: Steel aluminum PVC headrail bottom rail for venetian blinds, all kinds of shaft, tilt rod for venetian blinds
If for heavy blinds, such as wooden blinds, we only recommend clients to use steel headrail, bottom rail, shaft. If for some light blinds, such as PVC mini blinds, which can be used glassfibre shaft i/o steel one.
1)Various steel headrail , bottom rail for 2”venetian blinds


2)Various steel headrail, bottom rail for 1”venetian blinds

various rail(001).jpg

3)Various aluminum headrail for venetian blinds

alu headrail(001).jpg

4)PVC headrail for Venetian blinds


5)Various steel shaft, tilt rod, etc.

metal shaft(001).jpg

6)Various glassfibre shaft, tilt rod, etc.

D style 750(001).jpg

7)operating clear wand:

clear wand.jpg

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