Fauxwood Slats or Venetian Blinds

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Descriptions: fauxwood slats for venetian blinds
Fauxwood slats, means, not genuine wood, just imitation wood, it is made by a kind of compound, such as pure PVC foam, or, PVC foam powder mixed with wooden powder. As you know, the timber forest is limit deforestation, so peoples has to find some new materials to instead the orginal wood.

Composition of fauxwood slats as following:

Fauxwood slats for venetian blinds, width 50mm

PVC foam solid color slats

fauxwood slats516.jpg

PVC foam slats with wood grain

fauxwood slats551.jpg

PVC foam embossed slats

fauxwood slats579.jpg

PVC foam slats with pasted paper

fauxwood slats616.jpg

2" PVC foam wood grain slats

fauxwood slats649.jpg

2.5" PVC foam wood grain slats

fauxwood slats685.jpg

PVC foam S-style slats

fauxwood slats712.jpg

PVC foam L-style slats

fauxwood slats739.jpg

2.5" regular valance

fauxwood slats768.jpg

3.25" solid crown valance

fauxwood slats798.jpg

3.25" hollow crown valance

fauxwood slats829.jpg

PVC foam regular Bottom rail

fauxwood slats862.jpg

PVC foam trapezoid Bottom rail

fauxwood slats897.jpg

WPC slats

fauxwood slats911.jpg

WPC valance

fauxwood slats927.jpg

WPC bottom rail

fauxwood slats947.jpg

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