Vertical Blinds Components

Product Details

Descriptions: motorized operating system for vertical blinds
Motorized system for vertical blinds can open the blinds from the central to both side, also from one side to another. Meantime, it can rotate the slats to adjust the lights. All the function is same with Manual system. It is adapted for continuous vertical blinds, which is too large to be operated by hand.

Illustration of motorized system



Model of Motor: DK40WTE 


Descriptions: manual vertical blinds mechanism
There are 2 kinds of manual mechanism for Vertical blinds, 1, ball chains & pull cord, 2, operating wand.
1)control units and carriers

control unit & carriers(001).jpg

2)Various carriers

scissors carriers-700(001).jpg

carriers & runners-1000_副本(001).jpg

carrier 101-700(001).jpg

3)Slanting clippers

slanting clippers-700(001).jpg

4)Spacers & hangers

spacers & hanger-700(001).jpg



6)Cord drive runner

cord drive runner-700(001).jpg

7)Shaft support

shaft support 700(001).jpg

8)Ball chains


9)Connector & metal Washer

connector 700(001).jpg

10)Cord weight

cord weight-1000(001).jpg

11)Metal clipper

metal clipper-700(001).jpg

12)Metal brackets

metal brackets(001).jpg

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