Manual Zebra Blinds

DESCRIPTIONS: ZEBRA BLINDS Peoples also call it double ply roller blinds, dual layer roller shades, day and night blinds, rainbow blinds, muslin blinds...

Product Details


Peoples also call it double ply roller blinds, dual layer roller shades, day and night blinds, rainbow blinds, muslin blinds, sheer shades, duette etc. It is often fit in living room, dining room, study, office, business center etc.

As it looks more elegant, hazy at evening, it is more and more popular all over the world these years.

It can be made with manual system ( ball chains, pull cord), motorized system. If in some business center, the blinds is very high or heavy, we suggest to adopt motorized system, which is more convenient for peoples to operate it.

Now please check the following illustrations:

1,while opening

---blue solid color fabrics, folded fabrics
---manual system with ball chains
---cassette headrail inserted with the same color fabrics as decorative fascia



2, While closing

3, Mini Zebra blinds 

---without cassette headrail, only 17mm top tube
---do not need to drill on wall or ceiling
---stainless steel ball chains
---looks more exquisite, but can not be made for big size blinds



4, Zebra Blinds with Cassette headrail

---imitation grass/linen fabrics
---cassette headrail inserted with decorative fabrics slats, which is same with the main screen.

5, 19 colors of ball chains for customers'selection, such as metal, clear, white, ivory, pink, blue, green, black etc.

ball chains(001).jpg


pull cord(001).jpg

6, to reduce noise, some peoples like pull cord i/o ball chains, we also have 15 colors pull cord for your selection.


inner-clear PET box.
Outer-card board carton.
4-16 pcs in one carton.


We have many kinds of fabrics for ZEBRA BLINDS, such as:

1.plain color

2.multi color

3.printed fabrics

4.jacquard fabrics

5.embroidered fabrics

6.imitation linen fabrics

7.folded fabrics

8.with golden silver line

9.blackout fabrics

10.wink fabrics

11.wave fabrics

12.stripe fabric

We also supply the related components, accessories, aluminum extrusion products etc. Whatever you require, we will try our best to meet you.

If you wanna place an order with us, just tell me the following specifications:

Size: width * drop/mm


Quantity of each size /pcs


Item number of fabrics


Manual system

With or W/T cassette headrail ?


With or W/T inserting decorative fabrics slats ?


Diameter of top tube, 28 or 38mm?


With Pull cord or ball chains?


Control mechanism on right side or left side?


Fit on ceiling or wall?


1, What price terms we offer?
We often make an offer on basis of EX WORKS, if you want the price including shipping cost, just tell us:

1)detailed address of receiver

2)Type of transportation, for example, by sea, by air, or by courier?

3)If quantity for each shipment more than 300 pcs or the value of each shipment more than USD3000, price terms will be changed to FOB Shanghai / Ningbo/ Yiwu, unit price remain unchanged.

4)Our quotation is only valid within 60 days.

2, Payment terms

1)quantity less than 100 pcs, please prepay us 100% value.

2)100-300 pcs, please prepay us 50%, and the rest 50% should be paid before shipment.

3)Quantity more than 300 pcs, just prepay us 30% as deposits, and the rest 70% should be paid before shipment.

3, Time of delivery

1)If quantity less than 300 pcs, within 15 days upon receipt of the relevant deposits.

2)If quantity more than 300 pcs, within 15-30 days upon receipt of the relevant deposits.

4, How to get the free samples?

1)for finished blinds, we don't supply the free samples, the customers must pay us the cost of products and freight. If the buyers can place a regular order with us in the future, the money can be refunded, or deducted from the value of the shipment.

2)For semi-finished products, such as swatches of fabrics, components, accessories, aluminum extrusion etc, we can supply the free samples as following:

---for regular customers, we provide the free samples of materials at anytime.
---For the new customers who have never done business with us, we provide free samples, but the receiver should prepay us the shipping freight.

5, Quality problem
If any quality problem occurred, we will replace the equal quantity in the next shipment, or, just deduct the equal amount money from the value of next shipment.

We are one of the famous brands, welcome to buy the high quality and durable manual zebra blinds with our professional China suppliers. We will offer you competitive price and good service.